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Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt 
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Post Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Hi Guys, Treetop here, I'm from up in central Utah and have been on the forum for a year or two, I like to read about everyones hunts but I don't post much.
The farm has had a couple of really tough years and the $ has been tight so My hunting has been cut way back.
I did how ever(after 14 years) finally draw a buffalo tag for Utah's famed Henry Mountains. And I wondered if I should turn the tag back in and try again next year.
But my good wife said I'd better take the chance when I had it, so I went for it.
I had planned on scouting all summer but only made it over twice in July and saw only one buff.
I finally headed out a day before the hunt and after a lot of set backs and trouble I was finally there and looking foreward to my Once in a life time hunt. We started the hunt on Nov. 6th and hunted on the west side of Mt Ellen for the first three days. We'd heard that there was a nice bull on South ridge, so we were trying to find him.
In the afternoon of the first day we talked to some guys who said that the shooting we had heard that morning was Doyle Moss's dude shooting the bull we were after, so after looking for two more days we decided that the snow storm that was moving in was a good reason to get off the mountain.
We came home for a few days and attended to a few family things, and then on Saturday my son Jim and his friend Kole and I went back down.
We went around past the Star Spring Campground and up Pennell Creek and found a good place to camp by the Pennell Creek Reservoir.
Jim and Kole set up camp and told me to go look around, I saw a few buffs that night from a long ways away and the next day we walked up on about 6 head at a water hole but they were 487 yards away and moving away through the trees. No real shot opportunity.
The next two day were duds. on one we rode the 4 wheelers out around the south side of the range and tried to ride up Bullfrog creek. Got back late and put 70 miles on the wheelers, the next day we went north to hunt the Horseshoe basin and on the way there my handle bars on the old four wheeler broke loose.
After looking into the basin as best as we could and seeing nothing we decided to try and limp the bike 20 miles into Hanksville and find some one to weld it back together. Just after we came out of the mouth of Bull creek canyon I saw a ranch on the east side of the road and there was some farm and construction machinery around and I thought anyone who has a farm HAS to have a welder so we went and found the guy and he got me fixed back up, a really nice guy!
From his place we rode north, way out into the desert and found the road to take us to the west side of table mountain where we had seen some buff sign while scouting this summer. But they were gone. So back to camp and then a little more scouting in the place where I had seen them on Sat. Total for the day was 163 miles on the 4 wheeler. My all time record for miles in one day on a wheeler. And I hope it stays a record for a long time.
On Wednesday I was planning on being on the road by 11:00 AM so that I would be home to get ready for my meetings up in SLC. The plan that morning was to go look at the waterhole where we had seen them earlier and if they were there to shoot one and if not to go break camp and head out.
Jim said there was no reason for all of us to look at the same place so he and Kole went to look towards where I had seen them on Saturday.
There wasn't anything on the waterhole I was at ,so I turned to hike back to the bike and head home. Just then Jim called on the radio and said "Dad there are 15 buffalo up here on the hillside". So up the hill I go, and sure enough there are some buffs bedded on a hill about a half mile west of where Jim was.
We moved in closer and saw them still bedded down so Jim and I moved one hill closer and Kole stayed back to watch them while we were out of sight.
We got to the top of the closer hill and we ranged them at 353 yards. I got Jim's pack to rest on because I had left my pack and bino's with Kole and took a prone shot at the biggest one that I could see.
I thought he'd just roll over dead in his bed, but I missed, and they all jumped up and took off. I tried another shot as they left but I didn't have the gun's butt on my shoulder like I should have, and the scope came back and cut my eyebrow.
All that shooting and the only blood I could find was my own.
The buffs moved off about a hundred yards and stopped and just stood there and I thought I must have hit him and he's down and the others don't want to leave. We watched for a long time but couldn't see one down . This whole time there was a monster bull just standing broadside in the open but I didn't know if I had one down or not so I didn't dare shoot.
While we waited Kole moved over to the ridge we were on.
Nothing was happening so finally I dropped down through the canyon between us and them, and after looking for blood or a dead buff I slowly climbed up on some ledges where I could see the pass where they were still standing. I could see bits of hide and once in a while a horn or a face but still didn't have a clear shot.
I called Jim and told him to hike up around the hill they were on and try and drive them out of the trees to where I could see them. He did so and as he walked up on them they just stood up and looked at him from 30 yards. He finally pushed them out onto my hill but they were still in the thick trees and I had still no shot. After a few minutes a few of the buffs started moving out onto an open hillside about 100 yards from me and I thought "This is going to work, they'll all file past and I can pick the one I want."
Just then the whole herd spooked and started to run. Most of them stayed in a tight bunch and in the thick trees and I could see some big bulls in the group but I'd have got 3 or 4 with one shot if I tried, so I picked out one that was going down across the open hillside and shot. It staggered and kept going and so I shot two more times but by then the buck fever was in control of my body and I was jerking the trigger so hard that I had just as well of been throwing the bullets by hand for all the good they did.
The buff went down and as we walked up it jumped back up so I put one through the neck. and it was all over but the screaming.
As Jim and I walked up to the buff we could hear the rest of the herd going down through the canyon and up on the hill where we shot from first.
Kole was still there with the camcorder and was filming them as they came up the hill. He finally had to turn the camera off and run to get out of the way.
As he ran he left my pack and bino's sitting on the ground and all 35 or 40 animals ran right over the top of them but none of them hit my stuff so I had been lucky twice in the same day.
This was all about noon so we took a few pictures and started the butchering. By the time we were done we were all thankful that I had shot a 6 of 7 hundred pound cow and not a 2000 pound bull.
I had dreamed about a big bull for the 14 years it took me to get a tag, but I took what I could ,and I'm happy with it.
After a long HARD trek we got back to camp about 2 hours after dark and I left the boys there to go back for the rest of the meat in the morning. And I headed for home.
Got home about 12:30 and to sleep at 2:00 and back up at 5:30 and drove to SLC to my meeting which lasted until 2:00 PM.
I then drove out through Price and GreenRiver, down to Hanksville and over Stanton Pass and down to camp. arriving about an hour after dark
Jim and Kole had everything ready to go so we loaded up and headed home. Got here a little after midnight.
Long hard hunt but we had a good time and it was great to spend time with my kids, brothers and friends.
It would have never have happened if it wasn't for Jim and Kole and all their help.
And now I am going to sleep for a week straight. later Mark

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Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:23 pm
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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Nice bull and nice story.. That is a lot of miles on a quad!!!


Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:26 am
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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
That sounds like a JOB.

Thats great you wre able to fill your tag. Lots of hard work and many miles on the quad.

Congrats Mmmmn Bison Burgers

Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:06 pm
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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Congrats! My family used to hunt the Henry's for deer back before they closed it down. I thought my grandpa was going to cry when they announced they were going to open it again, but only as a premium limited entry. Did you see any good bucks?

Which town are you from in central Utah?

Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:20 pm

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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Hi Jack, ya we saw a lot of really nice bucks. It was actually more fun to look at deer than it was to hunt.
It was nothing to see 30 nice bucks every day. Several were real monsters. It almost seems like you are in another world to see all of the deer.
My hunt started right in the middle of the rut so the bucks were up and on the prowl all day long.
Of the several hundred bucks we saw while over there only two were two points and only one of those was a little forkie like we look for around Fillmore here on the general hunts.
It's worth the 4 hour ride over there the second week of november just to look at the deer.
The cattle men who spend a lot of time there through the summer say that the deer herd is back to being as good as it was in the good old days.

hb4.jpg [ 11.78 KiB | Viewed 8424 times ]
hb3.jpg [ 11.92 KiB | Viewed 8424 times ]
File comment: here are some pictures of some of the average bucks that were close enough to the road to get pictures with the little cameras we had.
hb2.jpg [ 5.26 KiB | Viewed 8424 times ]
Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:21 pm

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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Great read, nice Buff, and really nice Mulies.

Thank you for taking the time to write your story.


Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:28 pm
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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Looks like Buffalo for breakfast lunch and dinner.... :lol: Congrats on a huge animal... Here are you images condensed down for a better view.

2010-11-17_13-23-30_430.jpg [ 194.7 KiB | Viewed 8291 times ]
2010-11-17_13-20-08_317.jpg [ 195.91 KiB | Viewed 8291 times ]

Guns don't kill Gambel Quail, good boots do !
Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:26 am

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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Hey Babbit, Thanks for resizing those for me. I'm not to swift on this computer stuff so I am just happy to got things to post and everyone else has to figure out how to make it work.
I was down in St George utah today and we had a few hours to ride the 4 wheelers out through the desert and it was really pretty. I love being in the desert in the spring when things green up and the whole place comes to life.
wish I was able to come down and spend the next month in your beatuiful state. But alas the farm work is about to begin. later mark

Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:31 pm
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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
Applied for the Henry Early Bull Bison hunt last night. I almost went with the cow hunt because the odds are so much better, but decided to just go for broke. I'll never draw, but if I do....

I also put in for any weapon deer for the same unit. I probably have a better shot at drawing the buffalo tag! :-)

Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:33 pm

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Post Re: Treetop's Henry Mountain Buff hunt
I think that you are better off to wait for the eather sex tag. If I had had a cow tag I wouldn't have been able to tell if any of the buffs were legal, and it would have killed me to stand there and watch them all run off and not be able to safely shoot.
On another note, if you or any of the forum members ever draw that tag I'd bee more that happy to go over there and show you around and share any of the info that I have about the unit. After all it's not like I have to guard my secrets for the next time I'll hunt it. So any questions just ask away.
And as far as the drawing goes when my hunting buddy had finished his Pahvant elk tag here in utah and was going through the waiting period on elk he put in for the Henry mt deer tag and drew it the first year. So it can and does happen. They are going to give the tags to some one, and it for sure won't be to anyone who didn't apply. So apply, apply, apply. If the state is going to give out tags it just as well be to you.

Oh and I've got to say a BIG SORRY to Rabbit slayer! My ninth grade typing skills kicked in when I tried to respond to your help with my photos and I mistakenly typed Babbit when I wanted to say Rabbit.
It's been a few years but I seem to remember a fellow from Arizona who was nammed Babbit and I can't say that I liked him very much.
It was just a slip of my fat fingers and not an attempt to call you bad names. later mark

Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:53 pm
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